Safeguarding and Self Neglect & Hoarding Course

This course provides you with some essential tools to help you understand Safeguarding and the Process. Some of you may feel upset when the description of the types of Adult Abuse is discussed. This is a perfectly normal reaction but if you are concerned, either before or during this programme, please seek advice and support from a manager. colleague, friend or family member.

Aim of Course

To provide an understanding of Self - Neglect and everyone’s roles and responsibilities to safeguard adults at risk of harm as defined by the Care Act of 2014 and supporting statutory guidance.  

• To understand what self -Neglect is and when it becomes a safeguarding concern

• Recognise the signs and indicators of Self-Neglect

• Know How to respond to signs of Self -Neglect 

• Recognise signs of Hoarding and the close links to Self-Neglect 

• How to support adults who Self-Neglect and Hoard property 

• Recognise when it may be necessary to share your concerns with the multi-agencies

About Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Team

The Buckinghamshire’s Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) has a responsibility for safeguarding adults, in order to protect adults at risk of harm or abuse and to enhance their well-being and daily experience.

In 2019 a change was made to the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) which in turn provided an opportunity to review the chairmanship of the two boards and their respective business units. As a result, a decision was made to appoint a single Independent Chairperson for the BSAB and the BSCP, and to merge the business units together.

The joint business unit is managed by a Safeguarding Partnership Manager, and supported by five further staff covering varied roles to support the work of the multi agencies and ensure that the lived lives of adults is supported in the best way possible.